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Family Law

What Family Law Is

Family law is an area of law that calls for the highest levels of compassion and commitment towards the client. Family law is people skills, problem-solving, negotiation, and advocacy all rolled into one. It takes a special attorney to possess all of those skills. At Mulloy Law we are family law attorneys with the necessary versatile skills to deliver quality, compassionate services.


Family law can be one of the most emotional and agonizing areas of the law – but it really is just like any other facet of law – it is people in need of help. In those times of need, people want an experienced attorney who they can turn to for help. Mulloy Law has compassionate and committed attorneys and staff to help people in their time of need.

What Family Law Isn’t

Family law is not an area of the law where people aren’t put first. Family law is not an area of the law that is there to create problems. Family law is not a game that is win or lose at all costs. Mulloy Law knows what family law is and what family law isn’t. Experience tells a good family law attorney when to advocate and when to negotiate. At Mulloy Law, experience in family law counts.

Who We Represent

We represent men and woman of all ages, and families from all walks of life, in family and domestic matters. Whether you are a newly married couple wishing to adopt a child, an elderly person who is faced with the decision to file for divorce, or have a family law issue anywhere in between, Mulloy Law will deliver you quality and competent legal representation.

Areas of Representation

Mulloy Law practices in all areas of family law including divorce and legal separation, spousal support, paternity, custody, child visitation, child support, interstate child custody litigation, adoption, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, minor guardianship proceedings, grandparents’ rights, protective orders, and issues involving same-sex couples.

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