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Civil Litigation

When you think of civil litigation, you think of trial lawyers. You think of packing up the briefcase after a lengthy time of document preparation, document review, discovery, depositions, and preparation of evidence and witnesses. You think of big beautiful courtrooms and judges at the bench. You see a jury of nine members of your community there to weigh the evidence and deliver a verdict. Mulloy Law has trial lawyers with the experience and competence necessary for the civil litigation process.

There are many types of civil litigation cases that range from construction litigation to accidents and injuries. But the necessary skills of the trial lawyer are always the same. You need a litigation attorney who is organized, prepared, skilled, has knowledge of the law, and knows how to use expert witnesses. You also need an attorney who knows when to fight the litigation battle and when to settle the case out of court with the use of attorneys, mediators, or arbitrators.


Mulloy Law is competent, efficient, and effective. Mulloy Law has the skills necessary for your civil litigation needs.

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