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Practice Areas

Our areas of legal expertise

Effective Representation

We provide a wide array of criminal defense representation for misdemeanor and felony offenses, driving under the influence, drug possession and trafficking offenses, firearms charges, simple and aggravated assault, and other municipal, state and federal offenses.

Compassion and Commitment

Family law is an area of law that calls for the highest levels of compassion and commitment towards the client. Family law is people skills, problem-solving, negotiation, and advocacy all rolled into one. It takes a special lawyer to possess all of those skills.

Proven Success

Our services range from assisting in all aspects of the purchase and sale of real estate, leasing of property, evictions, land use development projects, land use planning, and real estate litigation including contract disputes, defective construction, contractor’s liens, ownership, and boundary disputes.

Secure Representation

Our goal is to craft estate plans tailored to meet individual’s specific needs and to assist families when one of their loved ones has passed on. Regardless of your age, financial situation in life, or family makeup, you deserve the best representation to secure and protect your assets, and to ensure that your affairs are properly handled after passing away.

Efficient and Effective

There are many types of civil litigation cases that range from construction litigation to accidents and injuries. But the necessary skills of the trial lawyer are always the same. You need a litigation attorney who is organized, prepared, skilled, has knowledge of the law, and knows how to use expert witnesses. You also need a lawyer who knows when to fight the litigation battle and when to settle the case out of court with the use of attorneys, mediators or arbitrators.

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